Planning Stages – Forming

So what is going to happen at Roll Against Cancer?

Seems to be the most common question I’ve had since kicking this off.

Keep in mind that currently I have no date (although tentatively looking at 2) and I have no venue (although again have tentative options there).  That said I have taken soundings and inputs and rants from various people about what the event should cater for.

There will be –

  • An open play area with a games library and a demo team to demonstrate games.
  • A playtest zone with the potential for a Game Jam.
  • At least 2 slots of RPGs, preferably 3, including games from D&D Adventurers League, Pathfinder Society and many more.
  • Miniature Game Tournaments – list of games to be confirmed but this will likely include X-Wing, Bloodbowl and Warmachine/Hordes amongst others.
  • Card Game Tournaments – list of games to be confirmed but this will likely include Netrunner and Magic: The Gathering amongst others.
  • Board Game Tournaments / Events – we are looking at some tournaments and special events for Board games too.  Perhaps a variant version of a Kniziathon as well as other events.

The event itself will be a full day event with games being played from morning until night and as such we want to fill the day with many different options so that attendees can game throughout the event.

The ultimate question though is what do you want to do at Roll Against Cancer?  Tell me!

Why does Roll Against Cancer exist?

This will be a short explanation but if you want something longer then please ask.

Everyone I know will more than likely have had their life impacted by Cancer.

But who am I?

My name is David and I’ve been a gamer more years than I’ve not. Considerably more years.
I write a blog about my views on my hobby.
I’ve lost too many friends and family to Cancer.
I’m lucky enough to know many wonderful people and right now some of those are having to fight Cancer.
I want to do something to support them, and others, get through their battle.

Cancer is a disease that has no cure and for that reason (amongst others) it’s one that scares people.

I understand why people would be frightened by Cancer but I refuse to give into that fear.
I can’t cure Cancer.
I also can’t raise enough money on my own to cure Cancer.
I can help though.
Roll Against Cancer is how I’m going to help.

Roll Against Cancer is how you can help too. I’ll post more about the event itself and the part you can play in it soon.

In the meantime if you want to offer your support or have any questions please let me know.

What is Roll Against Cancer?

Roll Against Cancer is a hub website for a group of gamers who play Tabletop Games to promote events they’re organising to raise money for Cancer related charities.

If you want to know about Tabletop Games then check out this post on A2ndChapter’s blog.

The charities we will support may change from event to event but specifically we’re keen to support the following –

As ever these things start small but with every step forward we break new ground.